Commissioning Cycle

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Download the epilepsy commissioning process template.


Scope need

  • Start with identifying an area of service improvement or redesign. Clarify which patient population – adult, learning disabilities and/or under 18s
  • Meet with current providers and other stakeholders to agree parameters for collaborative working and set ground rules
  • Understand local population – check public health team data, the JSNA and Health and Wellbeing board priorities in your area
  • Review patient insights eg. results of patient surveys, complaints etc.
  • Set up a co-production steering group from the outset. The NHS is legally obliged under Health & Social Care Act 2012 as a statutory duty to involve the public in all the commissioning steps through to implementation.

Data analysis

  • Collate, benchmark, analyse and summarise the data from the Public Health England, Neurology Intelligence Network for adults and CHiMAT
    for under 18s
    a. Hospital Episode Statistics:
    i. Non elective ED attendance and/or admissions
    ii. Elective admissions
    iii. Length of stay, both short and long
    iv. Readmission rates
    v. Primary care QOF, contracting team monitoring performance
  • Investigate any queries that the data presents and identify areas of concern
  • Undertake a clinical audit in secondary and primary care
  • Ensure there is an information analyst on the co-production steering group

Map current service provision

  • Review current service contract, spend, specification and performance against what is actually delivered
  • Work with voluntary sector organisation to complete a mapping exercise with your patients and providers of health and social care to identify gaps in service provision
  • Work with current providers to reduce gaps by remodeling services
  • Prepare an action plan with your providers and other stakeholders to develop and implement
  • Involve existing patient groups to review services and proposed changes to ensure needs are met.
  • Ensure pathways are embedded within contracts to enable review and audit against them to monitor impact

Toolkit Sections