Data analysis

This section sets out the tools which you can use to understand the data of your local population. A number of tools are interactive, which will enable you to benchmark your CCG locally and nationally.

The data can be used to inform commissioning intentions and seeks to address areas which require development and improvement.

Below are some tips on using the tools you can also click on the review (like) button to see reviews of people who have used the tools.


From Hardwick CCG:
“Some of the data tools are report-based with recommendations for action, therefore it is difficult to apply local interpretation. However, the HES data is particularly useful as the results can be displayed in a number of ways including by CCG.

The ‘Area Profile’ tab on website is visual and provides at-a-glance information against indicators such as prescribing, length of stay, emergency admissions and mortality. Caution should be taken when observing indicators where there is a ‘mention’ of epilepsy. Whilst this is useful, payment is made to providers on the primary diagnosis and therefore ‘mention’ or ‘secondary diagnosis’ as this is otherwise known can skew what the data is telling us.

The finger tip function allows you to download the raw data to enable commissioners to pivot the data as required. The most recent data is (2012/13). It would be beneficial to see 2013/14 as a benchmark to 2012/13 for comparison. The data provided does include time periods across a number of years but is not comprehensive enough to benchmark. The data itself provides at-a-glance information to identify outlying areas in which to target and query, including prescribing.”

Available tools

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