This section supports commissioners to implement contracts by setting targets, tracking and monitoring the service. Providers are experts in delivery of their services and have been commissioned to deliver outcomes in the most effective way. You will continue to monitor patient feedback.


From North East Lincolnshire CCG:

Key areas to be aware of include:

Implementation – progress review: When service redesign has been agreed, ensuring timely and effective implementation and reviewing progress against plan can be done in a number of ways;  through service lead engagement, via stakeholder/working groups. Each stage can be tracked focusing on different aspects of the model of care, for example; nurse led clinics, community clinics, and education programmes.

Monitoring: Monitoring targets via the contract service specification and KPIs is the ideal way to monitor the service, however report writing can be useful as an additional tool.

Escalation: It is important that an escalation process is agreed with named accountable officers.  Agreeing trigger points, penalties and consequences for non-compliance should also be considered.

Variance: Variance tracking is the difference between the targets set within the contract and actual performance. Variance should routinely be identified contract monitoring.  Issues would be identified through this process and escalated for discussion through agreed processes/accountable officers/meetings.

Evaluation: It is the responsibility of the service to ensure users complete the NHS friends and family test questionnaires, evaluate and report back through the contract or via another agreed means. It is important to jointly agree what/type of evaluations will be undertaken, by whom and how the outcome will be reported.”

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