Map current service provision

This section describes the process of mapping current service provision at a local, regional and national level. It will aid you to understand what is contracted, what is actually delivered and patient and carer experiences and needs. The outcome will be a clear identification of any gaps or duplication in service provision.


From Basildon and Brentwood CCG:

“Commissioners need to start with unpicking both their and their providers perception of existing contracts, service specifications, this should be done in collaboration with  service providers of health and social care, for either neurology or specifically epilepsy services. It is also important to establish which services fall under specialised and which fall under local commissioning. It may also be worth investigating what services are provided via Continuing Healthcare for the identified patient groups, this may provide a key to gaps in services currently provided or duplication of provision.

A good starting point is to map the existing pathway, this not only identifies gaps but duplication.  This can then be reviewed against specifications and contract expectations.

Involving patients and services users in the mapping exercise helps to reflect providers view against actual experience, it also helps to see what other providers are involved and engaged in delivery of the patients care.  CCGs understanding of wider services is always evolving, and engaging with patients/users helps inform this.

Understanding of what service provision is the remit of the CCG vs. NHS England, is critical for commissioners to differentiate the Specialist with the Specialised, use the NHS England Prescribed Specialised Service Manual as a starting point, and engage with the local NHS England representatives or contacts to clarify where required.”

  • Review current service (contract, spend, specification and performance)
  • Understand current pathway and any gaps
  • Work where possible with providers to reduce gaps through remodelling with current providers
  • Link with current/existing patient groups to review any change ensuring it delivers against need
  • Use network approach to review and develop pathways of care that include or are supported by prescribing guides
  • Ensure pathways are embedded within contracts to allow for review and audit against them  and monitor impact

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