Scope what needs to be done section aims to address: how you will find out what your local population of people living with epilepsy need.

Enabling you to: commission population-based healthcare, aid in risk stratification of the population and identification of a specific area of service improvement, agree an area of service improvement, agree an area of service  or redesign and agree process and responsibilities.

The tools contained in this section will aid in risk stratification of the population and identification of a specific area of service improvement.


From Coastal West Sussex CCG:
“Start with the big picture of nationally available data resource through the Neurology Intelligence Network, see section two on data analysis.

Understand your local population: consider data from your public health team, the JSNA and Health and Wellbeing board priorities in your area and through monitoring performance using dashboards:

  • Hospital Episode Statistics,
  • Non-elective ED attendance and/or admissions
  • Elective admissions
  • Length of stay, both short and long
  • Readmission rates
  • Primary care QOF, contracting team monitoring performance”

Available tools

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